petek, 06. november 2009

The ideal green/red extrovert working environment and boss:

Something about me and my IDEAL working environment and boss, according to my personality style(green/red extrovert, color Q personality profiling system):

The IDEAL working environment:
Is democratic and informal. My title it less important then my ideas and contribution.
Encourages creativity and idea generation. Rewards me for my core talents rather than labeling me as ''free spirit'' or ''too far out''.
Provides freedom to work at my own pace and explore new ideas. The more I'm controlled, the less productive I become.
Is lively, energetic, and fast-moving. I'm energized by the new.
Rewards humor and fun. A good laugh relaxes me and makes me want to contribute more. Places high value on the well-being of staff and clients. Companies that disrespect the human side make me fight rather than contribute productively.
Offers variety and change. I don't handle routine well because it's not in my nature to do so.
Focuses on the startup stage rather than maintenance. I find ingenious ways to divest myself of administrative details.
Fosters cooperation and trust. Backatabbing and politics drain so much energy from the task at hand. I have no patience for these.
Provides good training and development opportunities. Self improvement is both my hobby and a lifelong pursuit.

The IDEAL green/red extrovert boss:
Is flexible.
Appreciates my authenticity and energy.
Has a sense of humour.
Personalizes the relationship.
Likes brainstorming and new ideas.
Provides frequent feedback.
Does not micromanage me.

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