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Career match

Greens: Empathetic, humanistic, and creative, Greens need an environment that is supportive and egalitarian and that provides the chance to impact the lives of others. Gifted in their understanding of people's motivation, they have an unusual ability to influence and draw the best out of others. They also excel in verbal and written communications and in the ability to position ideas. Greens are enthusiastic spokespersons for the organizations or causes of their choice, creating a unique, charismatic quality that sweeps others into their causes.

Reds (backup style): Action oriented, spontaneous, and focused on ''now'', reds need freedom to follow their impulses, which they trust over the judgement of others. Cool-headed and ever courageous, they get things done and handle a crisis better than most. found in careers that provide freedom, action, variety, and the unexpected, they bring excitement and a sense of expediency. Work must be fun and the environment collegiate. Reds resist schedules and hierarchies. Long-term planning is a low priority as each day brings it's own agenda.

The IDEAL working environment:
Is democratic and informal. My title it less important then my ideas and contribution.
Encourages creativity and idea generation. Rewards me for my core talents rather than labeling me as ''free spirit'' or ''too far out''.
Provides freedom to work at my own pace and explore new ideas. The more I'm controlled, the less productive I become.
Is lively, energetic, and fast-moving. I'm energized by the new.
Rewards humor and fun. A good laugh relaxes me and makes me want to contribute more. Places high value on the well-being of staff and clients. Companies that disrespect the human side make me fight rather than contribute productively.
Offers variety and change. I don't handle routine well because it's not in my nature to do so.
Focuses on the startup stage rather than maintenance. I find ingenious ways to divest myself of administrative details.
Fosters cooperation and trust. Backatabbing and politics drain so much energy from the task at hand. I have no patience for these.
Provides good training and development opportunities. Self improvement is both my hobby and a lifelong pursuit.

The IDEAL green/red extrovert boss:
Is flexible.
Appreciates my authenticity and energy.
Has a sense of humour.
Personalizes the relationship.
Likes brainstorming and new ideas.
Provides frequent feedback.
Does not micromanage me.

How to reconize a Green:
Big picture thinker.
Informal and warm.
An unusual ability to influence by persuasion.
Bridge-builder; resolves conflict views.
Draws the best out of people.
Verbally fluent and metaphoric.
Intent listener.
Sensitive to criticism.
Avoids confrontation!!!!!
Chic, flamboyant, or careless dress.

Green/Gold extroverts:
Compassionate, persuasive, loyal, and have a talent for predicting future trends.
Outgoing, sociable, warm, and articulate. Gifted communicator with an unusual ability to influence. Those you admire receive your deep loyalty. In return, you expect equal appreciation. This can lead to frustration and disapppointment.
You have an abundance of innate emotional intelligence and interact well with most color types. You operate best in harmonious groups. Driven by intuition, foresight and compassion, you excell at leading othersto achieve their potential.m You are exceptionally skilled at projecting the trends and pitfalls of the future.
People who are rude or bully others are a major irritant. You respond well to praise, but you are easilly hurt by criticism. This makes you appear touchy , as even the most well-intentioned criticism may fluster you. Actual conflict disturbes you(exept when standing up to rude bullies, which you do with steely strength).
Enthusiastic, with the energy to work on several projects at once. Decisive and often in a hurry, you can be more than a little impatient with anyone who slows you down. While it is your nature to be supportive, you can be both critical and confrontational when your standards are not being met.
Your interest in others is so strong that you run the risk of not giving enough time to yourself. In both personal and professional relationships, you make others feel valued and liked.

You on the job
As a leader
A people centered, idealistic vision drives your enthusiastic style. You respect the needs and options of staff at all levels, influencing with persuasion rather than control. Consensus and cooperation are your goals. You provide your people sensitive and appropriate support through personal difficulties.
Your gold side introduces structure and organization and initiates action. You are usually upbeat, accepting setbacks as new challenges rather than defeats.

As a team player
If a team is stalled by interpersonal conflict, you are the bridge builder. rather then being dictatorial, you energize the team with enthusiasm and a warm sense of humour. You inspire former combatants to their best combined efforts.

Work environment
Worst type is tense, overly competitive, highly political, with impersonal atmosphere among managment, staff, and co-workers. The company compromises your core values; it exploits both it's workers and it's customers.

Natural work related strengths:
Excite others with high quality ideas and enthusiasm.
Organize people and resources.
Build morale, loyalty, and productivity.
Mentor others well, exponentially increasing your value to the firm.
Create harmonious teams; turn around troubled departments.
Think creatively; see future trends.
Communicate in memorable ways using colorful words and graphics.

The IDEAL Green/Gold working environment:
Is harmonious, with people who can be trusted. Backbiting and internal competition are discouraged.
Has strong values that align with your own. It's mission is to produce products and services that contribute to the wellbeing of society.
Makes good use of your well-developed organizational skills. Your projects draw on your people, communications, and organizational skills simultaneously.
Allows responsibility for one's own projects. You see a big picture and possess the ability to excite others about it.
Provides ongoing new learning experiences. You are energized by company training or outside schooling. On the job you're enthused by assignments that publicize new product or services, learn or teach new technologies, create promotional strategies, discover new markets, or require continuing education.

The ideal boss:
Is insightful.
Asks about your vision for the project, the company, or your career.
Gives positive feedback and stressessreas where he or she agrees with you.
Is organized and delivers on commitments - a good role model.
Shares the same values of improving the world.

Personality chalenges. You:
Avouid conflicts and confrontations. ( You take conflict ant criticism very personally and protect yourself by avoidance. Instead, face it. Build a thicker skin by repeated exposure, on your terms.)
Tend not to recognize underperforming workers or manipulative friends/relatives. (Don't shove aside that little alarm bell inside.)

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